The ignorant Satanic narrative of Christians


A Christian blog writes “What can we do about Satanism?” The blog, paints Satanists and Satanism as part of the New World Order, in control of governments and their agencies, its members torturing and ritualistically killing, then eating babies.  The Hampstead Research blog claims to be exposing thousands of baby-eating Satanists in positions of power ritualistically murdering children on an industrial level.  The irony is that this and other blogs seem to point the finger at Christians, and irrationally exposes the children they claim to be protecting to humiliating and degrading exposure to millions of random strangers on the internet.

In Africa Christian evangelicals turn the clock back to the medieval era of Satanic claims.  A school closed because Satanic teachers are collecting blood for Satanic rituals from pupils.  In another report, police fled when a Satanic vampire vomited blood, who claimed he became an instant Satanist when he…

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If I had to describe myself I would say I'm Diligent, loyal and dedicated. My Objectives are To create work people can appreciate and learn from. As a screenwriter I create Films people can relate to. As a Author I consider myself a mix between Charles Dickens and Donald Goines. Today most commercial artist in the Industry lack creativity and that's why most have no longevity. They come and go, and I Try to Inspire writers to be more creative because there Is always something new under the Sun, You just have to look for it.. To sum it up , when u see 3rdeyeviZion We are the past, We are the present, We are the future of change. No gimmicks, no acts. "Truth has no Agenda" We speak on what We live or lived. Welcome To 3rdeyeviZion..
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